Morning! I hope you all enjoyed reading my most recent post about self-confidence 🙂 It is such an important topic to me so if you missed it click here to take a look!

People have been asking me how my wedding planning is going and how I have been feeling etc etc. So I thought that I would provide a blog post with how I’m really feeling, what we have done and what we have yet to do.

jairo y talia sanxenxo.jpgAs most of you may know, I’m getting married on the 28th of this month, July, in Spain to my amazing husband-to-be Jairo. I am actually so extremely excited for this day I cannot even deal! My wedding is on a Friday which is not ideal as people work and many cannot come for that reason. When we were looking to reserve a place for our reception there were literally no Saturdays left anywhere! Who is crazy enough to get married apart from Jairo and I?? Just kidding! People had reserved places a year or more before their wedding! The places that did have Saturdays either did not fit the amount of people that we had invited or they were wayyyyyyyy too expensive! Either way I’m happy with Friday, I mean who wouldn’t like a 10% discount for having their wedding on a Friday… I sure as hell love it!

Invitations were a nightmare! Jairo and I went to Australia for 3 months earlier this year and we wanted to hand out the invitations to my family and friends while in Australia. To do this, Jairo’s mum had to send invitations to us through the mail. Long story short, the invitations were lost so she had to send more. The second bundle she sent arrived so we only had 1-2 weeks to hand out all the invitations in Australia before we came back to Spain. When we arrived in Spain we needed to calculate how many invitations we needed to replace the ones that were lost in the post and we had to order them as soon as we got here. When we received the new ones, the ones that my mother-in-law sent us arrived back at her house 2 weeks later! So we have so many invitations left over! Who wants to come to the wedding? 😛 Ugh, the struggle. It was extremely annoying because we had to spend a lot more money than we intended to for a stuff up that the post made! Good news, all invitations have been handed out!


Apart from the invitation dilemma, everything else has been running smoothly which is nice. This past week we went to pick up our wedding rings. They are so beautiful I cannot wait to show you guys a photo of them when I get married and have it on my finger because if I show you in the box it is not that exciting, right?

We were in two minds about having a candy bar at our reception. However, as we spoke to people about it for suggestions we have decided that we are going to have one because I know that after dinner and once people start having a few drinks usually people like to nibble, plus candy bars, if you put in the effort, can look so nice! So we ordered the candy this week also and taste tested all of them!! So bad I know but I mean we needed to know if we liked them or not and who could say no?

Here in Spain it is tradition that the bride and groom, madrina and padrino, which is. usually the mother of the groom and the father of the bride, or WHOEVER you decide to have, it is tradition that the four give out small presents to the guests. Honestly, these presents do not have to be expensive and they are only small, because let’s face it, these presents tend to never see the light of day once the guests take them home. If they don’t end up in the bin, they end up in the back of a drawer that is never opened. I won’t say what I will be giving as my presents or anyone else’s because I know that some people that read this will be attending the wedding. The only present that I can write about are my dad’s cigars because this is the norm here. I went to pick up 130 cigars and I have to stick the little stickers that come with them that have our names and the wedding date on each cigar! 130 CIGARS just in case you missed it… After the wedding I’ll definitely show you pictures of the present that I give to give you an idea if you are stuck on what to give at your wedding if this is what you do wherever you are getting married.

Col·legiata de Villafranca del Bierzo

La Colegiata Villafrance del Bierzo – The church where we will be getting married (picture found on Google)

It is great because the reception has so many things included! Cocktail before dinner for two hours in the garden, three course meal in the marquee, cutting of the cake, DJ, three open bars (a gin & tonic bar, mojito bar, and a normal bar), decor and also two hours into the dancing and drinks we get a small meal. This is awesome for the price and also so that we don’t have to go around looking and planning for more things! We have also chosen the church, the violin and flute duet that will be playing at the church, the flowers, the photographer and videographer, and the car. The only things we have left to do is the tasting of the menu, my last dress fittings, and pay pay PAY for everything!

As for how I’m feeling. I’m feeling a little nervous because I obviously want everything to turn out perfect on our special day and also I’m a little worried that I will forget things. In saying this, I have great people surrounding me so I’m sure that they all have my back to help us have the most special day of our lives 🙂 Most of all I am extremely excited! I honestly cannot wait to get married 😀

jairo y talia

Who else is in the middle of planning their big day?

Talia xo