Buenos dias!

How is everyone doing? I have been having so much fun with my fiancé here in Spain! From going to see castles, to partying it up at the fiestas in the villages around us, going on road trips to hand out our wedding invitations and also seeing some amazing views, with human nature at it’s finest 🙂

I have been vlogging on the weekends so that you can join in the fun and see the amazing sceneries through our eyes. I know many of you have been dying to hear Jairo speak English so I have been trying my hardest and at times I catch little snippets of him trying and it is the cutest thing! His cute Spanish accent is to die for 😀

Currently on my channel I have two Spain Travel Vlogs. I have worked really hard on both of them and it would mean the world to me if you could head on over to my channel and leave a comment on my latest videos letting me know if you enjoyed my video; constructive criticism is more welcome also!

Here are my new vlogs:

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Enjoy! x

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The Liebster Award!

Hi lovelies! Hope you are all doing well and you are having a lovely start to the long weekend 🙂

The beautiful Megan’sBeautyBlog has tagged me in the Liebster award, so I decided to answer her awesome beauty questions. Here goes…

1. Which celebrities makeup do you admire the most and why?

It would definitely have to be JLo’s makeup! Her face is always flawless and looks fresh and dewy.

2. What is your favourite makeup product?

This question is really hard for me as I have a fair few favourite makeup products, but since this question asks for one I would have to say the ‘Rimmel Lash Accelerator Endless mascara’. It separates your eyelashes beautifully making them look wispy and it also makes your lashes look nice and long.

Photo Credit: Rimmel London Australia

Photo Credit: Rimmel London Australia

3. What is your favourite eye makeup look?

A nice neutral smokey eye.

4. Which celebrities hair style do you like the most and why?
I absolutely LOVE Kim Kardashian’s hair, especially when she has it loose and wavy with a part in the centre. Simple but gorgeous 🙂

5. Which clothing item are you wanting to buy right now and why?

Right at this very moment I want to buy a Blogilates tank top for working out that says “train like a beast, look like a beauty” 😀 I would like this tank top because I think it would be really comfortable and the quote is, in my opinion, motivational! (also because I’m in need of a workout top teehee).

6. What is your favourite lipstick?

Esteé Lauder’s liptstick in Pink Berry! IN LOVE ❤

7. What made you decide to start a blog?

I have always dreamt of starting my own Youtube Channel but I was always too afraid to do so and didn’t have the confidence to post videos of myself on the internet. Instead I decided to start a blog where I could post my thoughts and opinions without having to show myself on camera 🙂 But then I got the courage to start my Youtube Channel, so now I do both!

8. What is your favourite thing about blogging?

Blogging allows me to share my thoughts and opinions with others that may have the same interests as me. I also love that I am able to communicate with people from around the world and learn new things everyday from reading other people’s blogs 🙂

9. If you could holiday anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?

Alaska! Looks like a beautiful and picturesque destination ❤

10. Which one do you like better, bronzer or blush?
Blush 🙂

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My Q’s:
1.   Who is your fashion icon and why?
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7.   What is your favourite drug store makeup brand and why?

8.   Which is your all time favourite quote and why?

9.   If you had to put only one makeup product on your face, which one would it be?
10. Why did you start blogging?


Talia xo

R U Okay?

Today is a special kind of day… it is R U Okay Day!

Many people suffer from mental illnesses causing them to keep their emotional state to themselves while allowing others to believe that they are OK. They either find it difficult to express their feelings or they may feel that people do not really care about how they are feeling. Sadly, the person feeling these kinds of emotions may turn to ending their own lives. This is not the way a person should be feeling!

We can change this as a community!

There are three little words that make all the difference “Are you Okay?” These words can start a meaningful conversation about a person’s feelings and most importantly can change a life. We should all make it part of our daily routine to ask someone how they are doing. If their response is negative, reassure them that they are not alone, that you are a good listener and ask them if there is anyway that you could be of some help to them.

Let’s change someone’s life!
Are you in?

Talia xo

Follow Me Around Vlog!!

Hi there 😀

I hope you guys enjoy watching vlogs as much as I do because I have posted a Good Friday vlog. I had a lot of fun filming and editing this vlog, therefore I am planning on doing many more! Please Like this video and be sure to let me know in the comments section your thoughts on these videos and also any suggestions of what I should film next 🙂
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P.S. I hope you all had a lovely Easter spent with family and friends, filled with love, joy and lots of … CHOCOLATE!!