Buenos dias!

How is everyone doing? I have been having so much fun with my fiancé here in Spain! From going to see castles, to partying it up at the fiestas in the villages around us, going on road trips to hand out our wedding invitations and also seeing some amazing views, with human nature at it’s finest 🙂

I have been vlogging on the weekends so that you can join in the fun and see the amazing sceneries through our eyes. I know many of you have been dying to hear Jairo speak English so I have been trying my hardest and at times I catch little snippets of him trying and it is the cutest thing! His cute Spanish accent is to die for 😀

Currently on my channel I have two Spain Travel Vlogs. I have worked really hard on both of them and it would mean the world to me if you could head on over to my channel and leave a comment on my latest videos letting me know if you enjoyed my video; constructive criticism is more welcome also!

Here are my new vlogs:

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Enjoy! x

Talia xo





My 21st Birthday

On the 27th of October I celebrated my 21st birthday with a bunch of my close friends and my beautiful family. I had such a fantastic time, however it was a bummer that I had woken up with a really bad cold in the morning, ending my wonderful night with a fever! Not cool immune system!

Anywhooo, on to my outfit!

I absolutely loved the outfit that I chose to wear for my fiesta. I wore a two piece consisting of a fitted marbled print asymmetric skirt and a black short-sleeved crop top . These pieces were both purchased in Ally and they were really affordable. The shoes that I wore were actually featured in my Winter Haul video which I will link right here if you would like to check it out <; 🙂 I bought these black healed boots in Betts. I absolutely love them and they are extremely comfortable.

As for the jewellery, all pieces (except my engagement ring 😉 ) were birthday presents from my gorgeous sister 🙂 She bought them from Colette which is one of my favourite stores to buy some pretty pieces and they ALWAYS have massive sales!

I am wearing a 21st sash, but here are some photos of me at my party wearing the outfit that I adore!

2164251_381437832032553_1328156365124052103_n21st– Talia xo