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I have a new video on my channel! It is a first impression on the Biomask Algae and Minerals Peel Off Mask 🙂

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Algae & Minerals Peel Off Mask | First Impression


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My Microdermabrasion & Chemical Facial Peel Experience

In my previous post I revealed to you my morning and night time skin care routine as well as my thoughts on Results Laser Clinic skin care products. This post will focus on my experience getting facial skin treatment done at Results Laser Clinic. I have not been asked to write about this, as always this is my honest opinion about how treatment worked on my skin 🙂

Throughout my teenage years I never had an issue with acne. Yes I had the odd pimple every now and then, but I never experienced the whole shebang of breakouts. However, early 2015 I started noticing breakouts on my chin and my cheeks. At first I associated these breakouts with hormones and diet (breakouts on chin = hormonal | Cheeks = diet). So for the ones on my cheeks I tried to alter my diet by cutting out greasy foods and foods that are high in fat. However, I couldn’t really do much about the ones on my chin apart from try different skin care products such as cleansers and facial exfoliants to try and get rid of the existing breakouts as well as preventing new ones from appearing. Long story short, I couldn’t find anything that would help my skin.

I noticed that these breakouts were not like the normal ones that were filled with pus (I know gross but we all get them). The ones that were appearing on my face were gross in a different way; they were green/purple marks! Unlike a normal pimple that sits on the surface of the skin, the ones I was getting were underneath the skin and they were really painful and big. After complaining about them for over a year and not going out to seek help, I decided to do something about it. I did not want to go on any medication, so instead of going to see a dermatologist I decided to head on over to Results Laser Clinic in my local shopping centre and ask them if they could tell me what was wrong with my face and if there was any treatments they recommended for me. The lady at the counter was extremely friendly which made me feel comfortable in the clinic instantly. She proceeded to inform me that I had cystic acne. Cystic acne is simply breakouts that develop deep in your skin and they really hurt.

After explaining to me what cystic acne was and how to prevent it, she recommended I have some chemical facial peels and also some microdermabrasion. At the time they had a five week package deal which included three of the chemical peels, 2 microdermabrasion sessions as well as three of the products from the Results skin care range (Active Moist, Active Cleanse, and Active Protect SPF30). You can check out my review on these products by clicking here! Honestly, I was really nervous to get these chemical peels done because they rub an acid solution on your face to remove the damaged outer layers of the skin and I was told that it burns a lot.

This acid solution is left on your face for a maximum of three minutes, however some people only last some seconds and others can last the entire three minutes. I’m not going to lie, the first peel I had done I could only leave on for about one minute and then the lady had to wipe it off because I felt like my face was on flames, but that burning sensation does not last long at all. When I went back for the other two peels I lasted the entire three minutes with no burn, only a tingling feeling. After getting a peel done they do warn you that your skin does become red, however mine was only slightly pink. Also, your skin does become flaky which is obvious as they are burning the outer layers of your skin. Literally, after each peel my face felt absolutely amazing and looked really healthy.

I have had microdermabrasion done before and I love it. For those of you who don’t know what microdermabrasion is, it is a treatment that involves an instrument that exfoliates your skin

removing dead skin cells. It also provides some suction in order to help stimulate new cells in the deeper layers of the skin. This treatment gives you healthier looking skin and also leaves your skin feeling extremely smooth and fresh. I would definitely recommend getting microdermabrasion done, especially before a special event so that you have nice glowy skin and you will find that applying makeup after will be easier and your foundation will set beautifully on your new skin 🙂

Following each treatment I would be put under an LED light, commonly known as LED Light Therapy Treatment. The light rejuvenates and helps bring moisture back into the skin. It is a fantastic treatment and I highly recommend it for all skin types. Along with these treatments I used the skin care products from Results and I continue using them to this day.

Overall, I loved the treatment I received by the ladies at Results and I could not be happier with how my skin is looking and feeling. I used to think that it was not worth getting these treatments done but my experience has changed my perspective and I would get all three treatments done again, it is definitely worth it!

Thank you so much for reading and I really hope that this post has helped, especially those of you who have been umming and ahhing about whether you should get any of these treatments done. Like I say in most of my posts, every one is different and we each have different skin so I would definitely recommend asking questions before you get any of these treatments done just in case.

“When my skin is clean,
I feel my best!”
– Demi Lovato

Talia xo