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I have a new video on my channel! It is a first impression on the Biomask Algae and Minerals Peel Off Mask 🙂

If you would like to know my opinion on the mask and how it applies click the link to see the video.

Algae & Minerals Peel Off Mask | First Impression


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Product Review | Bioré Self-Heating One Minute Mask with Natural Charcoal

Here it is! A product review of the Bioré “free your pores!” mask. As you can gather from the title this mask is self-heating and you only have to keep it on for one minute and it does not harden! How cool is that?! In my eyes, it definitely beats the hardening clay masks that you have to keep on for 10-15 minutes. I don’t know why but I just cannot deal with the fact that I cannot move any muscle on my face, it freaks me out! Does this happen to any of you? Also, this skincare product also contains natural charcoal. According to “activated charcoal acts as a “magnet” in order to attract and absorb dirt and oil” from your pores.


As well as being an oil-free product, Bioré’s self-heating mask claims to “give you purified pores in just one minute” by removing the dirt and oil that are stubbornly clogging the pore’s. It also claims to work 2.5x better than a basic cleanser. Now for my opinions on the product.

I’m not going to beat around the bush so here it is… I LOVE this product. I only have one sachet left and I have already purchased another packet from my local Priceline store. When I first applied this mask I applied it wrong and I thought to myself “well this does not seem to do much for my pores but damn it makes my skin feel super fresh!” However, the second time that I used it I read the directions on the packaging PROPERLY and it worked so much better. The proper way to apply this mask is to wet your face and spread the product all over the face, avoiding the eyes and mouth of course. Once it touches water it instantly warms up feeling a little hot on your face. You are then meant to gently massage the product into your skin for one-minute. The first time I did this I did not massage the product, I only left it sitting on my face for the minute, hence why it didn’t work as well. The mask also contains grainy bits in order to exfoliate the skin also.

Once you have massaged the product around your face for a good minute (I generally leave it on for a little longer), it’s time to wash the mask off. It is a messy and thick product so I would suggest using a face towel to help remove it from your face. Honestly, when I remove this mask from my face, my skin feels absolutely amazing! It literally feels extremely minty fresh and it instantly makes me feel so good. If I have had a stressful week I will use this mask to make me feel better and to feel less stressed.

Also, this mask is meant to help remove excess dirt and oil from the pores and I can see a great difference in my pores when I use the product. There are definitely less blackheads making my face not only feel fresh, but it also makes it look nice, fresh and bright! I definitely follow up with a hydrating moisturiser to bring moisture back into my skin 🙂

I 100% recommend this Bioré product. I would use this only once or twice a week. I wouldn’t use it more times throughout the week as I feel like it would dry out your skin too much. This self-heating mask is a great pick-me-up if your feeling a little stressed, lethargic or even if you are feeling unwell.

Thank you so much for reading guys and until next time!

“Beautiful skin requires commitment,
not a miracle”
– Erno Laszlo

Talia xo