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I have a new video on my channel! It is a first impression on the Biomask Algae and Minerals Peel Off Mask 🙂

If you would like to know my opinion on the mask and how it applies click the link to see the video.

Algae & Minerals Peel Off Mask | First Impression


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Product Review: Catrice Cosmetics Nail Polish (EU)

Just before I left to travel overseas I had my nails done by my nail technician here in Australia. When I finished my trip around Europe and arrived in Spain my plans were to find a place to get my nails done again. Well that plan went downhill pretty quickly.

When I got to Spain I needed my nails done quick smart. From handling my luggage here, there and everywhere, up and down stairs in hotels, you could say that my nails had a rough time. I literally walked up and down trying to find a decent nail salon in various places and found one that when they told me the price I had to sit down for a bit because I started to feel a little light headed. It was so much more expensive than what I was paying here for my nails plus I was noticing that my funds due to travel were not ready for a hit like that one. I then walked past a beauty academy that charged a cheaper price (as they are students) and they offered things such as waxing, hairdressing, nails etc. So I decided to just give it a go and asked for the teacher to do my nails. She was more than happy to do them for me. Although they are cheaper due to being a beauty school I still found it to be pricey. I got my hands and toes done and if I remember correctly I think I paid about 55 euro which when converted is about $79.25. Not cheap for a school! Especially with the job she did being the teacher!!



Acrylics I got done in Spain… Hideous.

Oh and they started to fall off in the span of one week! I don’t even want to go back there… bad memories… 😦

After this experience I decided that during my time in Spain I was going to have to maintain my nails myself because I could not afford to keep getting them done, especially if I was going to get the same ridiculous claws. So I went to my favourite store in the shopping centre near where I lived called Arenal which is pretty much a Priceline however they sell drugstore as well as high end products. It’s pretty much my relaxation haven whenever I am in Spain and a financial DANGER ZONE!

A friend had told me about nail polishes that she uses all the time and that she absolutely loves. The cosmetic brand is called Catrice Cosmetics. Catrice Cosmetics is a European brand with stores located in Europe, South America, Africa and Asia. I would say that this brand is a European version of Australis cosmetics here in Australia. Their products are very affordable and the few products I have tried have been pretty good quality.

Their nail polishes are GREAT! The colour intensity is amazing, not sheer at all. You only need a couple of coats along with your top and base coat and you’re good to go. They do not take too long to dry either which is a plus! I’m honestly extremely impatient so I cannot stand waiting around for nail polish to dry, so it makes me happy that I don’t have to wait too long for this one to do it’s thang. Also, the scent is not too strong either which is great because, I don’t know about you but strong nail polish scents tend to give me a headache. When reading the description online about these nail polishes the company claims that “the formulas are enriched with natural extracts that offer pampering care” which is really cool. I do feel that with the base and top coat the nail polish is long-lasting. I have tried it without both of these which is naughty of me but in my defense I was in a rush, and it does start to chip pretty quickly, so I definitely recommend using the Catrice top and base coats together with the nail polishes. I would say that these are very similar to the Revlon ColourStay Gel Nail Polishes. I feel like they have the same consistency, the same colour pay off and they same long-lasting effect 🙂

Here is my small collection of the Catrice Cosmetics nail polishes:

This Noir Bleu colour applies a lot darker than what I expected. I thought it was going to be more of a navy blue but it comes out on your nail more towards a black than anything. However, it is still a very nice colour and I really like it for the Winter.









‘For Nuts Sake’ is a gorgeous mauvey/maroon colour. I absolutely love it for the Autumn and Winter time.










‘Caught On The Red Carpet’ is a fierce red which I honestly love for any season. I’m the type of person that sees the colour red as an all year round kind of colour and this nail polish is perfect for this use.













‘Karl Says Tres Chic’ (Not sure what this name is supposed to mean haha) is such a cute baby pink colour. It’s such a pretty colour for the Spring and Summer.





nail base and top.jpg







These ones are the top and base coats that help with the gel and the long-lasting effect of all the nail polishes within the Catrice Cosmetics Nail Polish range.





One of the things I absolutely love about these nail polishes is that (apart from the blue one that I purchased thinking that it was going to come out a little more blue than it does), whatever colour you see in the bottle is the colour intensity you will achieve when you apply the polish onto your nails. I feel like with some nail polishes you do not get the same colour effect on your nail as what you see in the bottle but with these Catrice nail polishes you definitely do and that is one of the reasons I love this product so much!

If you ever find yourself near a Catrice Cosmetics stand definitely purchase one of their nail polishes (along with the top and base coat) to try out. They are cheap and great quality!

Thanks for reading! Until next time 🙂

Talia xo

“Nails take an old outfit
and make it new!”
– Essie



Product Review | Bioré Self-Heating One Minute Mask with Natural Charcoal

Here it is! A product review of the Bioré “free your pores!” mask. As you can gather from the title this mask is self-heating and you only have to keep it on for one minute and it does not harden! How cool is that?! In my eyes, it definitely beats the hardening clay masks that you have to keep on for 10-15 minutes. I don’t know why but I just cannot deal with the fact that I cannot move any muscle on my face, it freaks me out! Does this happen to any of you? Also, this skincare product also contains natural charcoal. According to “activated charcoal acts as a “magnet” in order to attract and absorb dirt and oil” from your pores.


As well as being an oil-free product, Bioré’s self-heating mask claims to “give you purified pores in just one minute” by removing the dirt and oil that are stubbornly clogging the pore’s. It also claims to work 2.5x better than a basic cleanser. Now for my opinions on the product.

I’m not going to beat around the bush so here it is… I LOVE this product. I only have one sachet left and I have already purchased another packet from my local Priceline store. When I first applied this mask I applied it wrong and I thought to myself “well this does not seem to do much for my pores but damn it makes my skin feel super fresh!” However, the second time that I used it I read the directions on the packaging PROPERLY and it worked so much better. The proper way to apply this mask is to wet your face and spread the product all over the face, avoiding the eyes and mouth of course. Once it touches water it instantly warms up feeling a little hot on your face. You are then meant to gently massage the product into your skin for one-minute. The first time I did this I did not massage the product, I only left it sitting on my face for the minute, hence why it didn’t work as well. The mask also contains grainy bits in order to exfoliate the skin also.

Once you have massaged the product around your face for a good minute (I generally leave it on for a little longer), it’s time to wash the mask off. It is a messy and thick product so I would suggest using a face towel to help remove it from your face. Honestly, when I remove this mask from my face, my skin feels absolutely amazing! It literally feels extremely minty fresh and it instantly makes me feel so good. If I have had a stressful week I will use this mask to make me feel better and to feel less stressed.

Also, this mask is meant to help remove excess dirt and oil from the pores and I can see a great difference in my pores when I use the product. There are definitely less blackheads making my face not only feel fresh, but it also makes it look nice, fresh and bright! I definitely follow up with a hydrating moisturiser to bring moisture back into my skin 🙂

I 100% recommend this Bioré product. I would use this only once or twice a week. I wouldn’t use it more times throughout the week as I feel like it would dry out your skin too much. This self-heating mask is a great pick-me-up if your feeling a little stressed, lethargic or even if you are feeling unwell.

Thank you so much for reading guys and until next time!

“Beautiful skin requires commitment,
not a miracle”
– Erno Laszlo

Talia xo

Product Review | Rimmel London Match Perfection Foundation

Hi everyone!

I hope you have all been well and enjoying the beautiful weather that we have been having here in Australia 🙂

Today I would like to share with you my thoughts on the new Rimmel London Match Perfection Foundation. Firstly, thank you to Coty PR Australia for sending me this foundation to try out!


Photo credit:

Let me start off with the packaging. The bottle is a standard Rimmel foundation bottle with a blue lid distinguishing it from their other foundations. Like all other foundations in the Rimmel range, the bottle contains 30 ml/1 fluid ounce of product. The product claims to provide 24hr moisture hydration as well as providing a pore blurring effect. The packaging also states that you will be left with “invisible coverage” and “visibly perfected skin”! Sounds fantastic, doesn’t it? Oh, and it also has SPF 20 🙂

I have been using this foundation for a little over a week now and to tell you the truth, I have been really liking it. It looks fantastic in photos, as you can see in these ones here:



I apply this foundation with one of my Chi Chi beauty sponges and very much like the way it blends into my skin. Coty PR sent me two shades – 200 soft beige and 203 true beige. I am using 200 soft beige and it suits my skin tone perfectly at the moment.

This foundation is very hydrating. As my skin progressively becomes oily throughout the day (especially my T-zone) the foundation begins to cake up around my nose and settles into my fine lines. My face becomes a disco ball with the mid-section of my face – which includes my forehead, nose and chin – shining like crazy! Because of this, I find that the foundation moves around a lot on my face throughout the day. I have set the foundation with my favourite Face of Australia Translucent Powder which makes the face look great for the first few hours, however I do have to reapply the powder a few times during the day.

As for the “pore blurring effect” I do not believe that it blurs my pores much. When I look in the mirror I can still see my pores, especially since I have quite large ones in my mask area. In saying this, I feel like they would not be too noticeable to other people unless they were all up in your business haha!


Overall, I do really like this foundation and I recommend it for people that have dry/combination skin as it is a super hydrating foundation. I feel like it provides a medium coverage and that it is relatively light weight.


Once again, thank you so much for reading! ❤

“Beauty is power, and makeup is something that enhances that; it’s a woman’s secret”
– Charlotte Tilbury

Talia xo

Product Review | Savvy By DB – Classic Blush

Savvy is an Australian makeup brand and is well known for their affordable prices.

My mum had actually purchased one of the Savvy blushes some months ago and she was not a fan of the colour for herself so she asked me if I would like it and of course I wanted to try it out. I have fallen in love with these blushes and want to add more to my miniature collection 😛

I have been using these blushes on a daily bases for the past month! I know, I’ve been some what obsessed.

These powder blushes are extremely pigmented. I would recommend being a little mindful of how much product you pick up on your makeup brush. I love the fact that these blushes are super pigmented because a little goes a long way and you do not have to spend forever trying to get product onto the apples of your cheeks!

The shades that I own include ‘Nude’ and ‘Cherry’. Both these shades are beautiful in my opinion and they are perfect shades for both day and night.

cherry savvy
The shade ‘Cherry’ is a little lighter than ‘Nude’, with more of a mauve tone to it, giving you lovely natural rosy cheeks. I especially like this shade when it is included in a night out makeup look, for example a smokey eye and nude lips 🙂 This shade also contains a small amount of shimmer to give a perfect natural glow which you can build up for a night out (which I like to do), or sweep it softly across your cheeks for the day time.

nude savvy


‘Nude’ on the other hand has more of a terracotta undertone making it a deeper shade than ‘Cherry’. However, when applied to my cheeks it seems to apply as more of a pinkish colour. I would recommend being most careful with this shade as the shimmer within this blush is more powerful than ‘Cherry’. Therefore, if you are after a blush with more of a highlight I would recommend this shade. It is such a beautiful colour and I prefer to wear this colour during the day, but remember A LITTLE GOES A LONG WAY (especially with this blush).

savvy by db

Both colours would look beautiful on both skin tones, especially the shade ‘Cherry’. I love the way ‘Nude’ looks on olive skin tones most as it gives such a beautiful glow that looks great on tan/olive skin. Another fantastic thing about these blushes is that they blend very easily.

Thanks for reading!

“Makeup should never be used to hide yourself. It should be used to enhance your natural beauty.”
– Kira Carl

Talia xo

Rimmel Lasting Finish 25hr Powder Foundation | Product Review

Welcome back! As you can tell by the many posts, Instagram/Facebook uploads, and youtube videos, I absolutely love Rimmel product. Therefore I cannot control my excitement and happiness when I receive their products in the mail. I had received the ‘Lasting Finish 25hr Powder Foundation’ a while back and have been trialling it out. I am finally providing you guys with a review stating my honest personal opinion on the product. Here I go… rimmel One of the great things about this product is the packaging. The packaging is not bulky and/or heavy; it is easy to carry around with you in your bag. Also, you can apply this foundation wet or dry. You can apply it dry for a more light coverage finish, or wet for higher coverage. To be completely honest, I have yet to try applying this foundation wet but I will keep you updated. I have only trialled applying it dry and I will base my review on this method of application. I personally do not like to use the sponge that is provided with this foundation. I prefer to use a powder brush because I am able to blend the foundation more evenly, but this is my personal preference. On days that I am running errands, going to uni, or just feeling lazy, I do not feel like wearing heavy liquid foundations on my face or taking the time to blend them in. I really like this powder foundation because it is lightweight and I find that it blends easily and provides that light coverage for an everyday basis. For the days that I want a little extra coverage due to redness and little blemishes here and there, I find that this foundation is able to do just that, as  it claims. To be honest, my first impression of this foundation, I was a little disappointed as I didn’t see that it had covered much. However, as I was finishing the rest of my makeup and allowing the foundation to set, it warmed up to my skin tone and I was surprised to see the coverage that it provided. I wasn’t disappointed anymore!! I use the shade ‘soft beige’ and there are four shades to choose from. rimmel1 A negative in regards to this product is about its longevity. The packaging claims that this foundation lasts for 25hrs, not 24, but 25 hours! I do not agree with this claim. I find that once I finish applying my makeup, the finish of this foundation is gorgeous! However, after wearing it for several hours throughout the day, when I return home in the afternoon my face is very shiny; my T-zone especially. This doesn’t bother me too much, because once I am home in the afternoon I don’t tend to leave again, so the way my makeup looks while I’m at home after a day out does not faze me (unless I’m filming!).   Overall, I do recommend this product as an everyday foundation. I do recommend it for people with combination skin most. I really do like this foundation, I use it a lot. I give this product: 7/10!! Talia xo

Product Review | Rimmel Lasting Finish 25hr Liquid Foundation

Hey all!

I have just uploaded a review on the new Rimmel Lasting Finish 25hr Liquid Foundation! Many people have been asking about this foundation so since I have been using this foundation for a few weeks I decided to share my honest opinion 🙂 I bought this foundation from my local Priceline store if you were wondering 🙂

If you are interested in finding out how I feel about this foundation, please CLICK HERE to view the video! xx

*This is my own honest opinion*

Thanks in advance for watching guys

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