5 Tips on Keeping Your Skin Feeling and Looking Healthy

Hi lovelies!

Today I have for you yet another beauty post related to skincare! Can you tell I have been really into my skin lately?

For the past few months I have been paying attention to my skin and how it has been reacting to different things that I do in my day to day life. By doing this I have been able to find what makes my skin look and feel great! Although I am not a skin specialist or beauty therapist, I wanted to share with you all what I found helps my skin look and feel clean and fresh with a radiant glow. So without further adieu here are my five tips on keeping your skin feeling and looking as healthy as possible!

Keep Hydrated

Apart from assisting with brain function and boosting your metabolism, drinking lots of water helps with keeping your skin hydrated as well as giving your skin a radiant glow all day errday! It also helps in avoiding pre-mature aging of the skin and improves skin elasticity. In conjunction with consumption of water, using hydrating moisturisers and exfoliating your face and body provides your skin with extra moisture keeping it young and fresh. This brings me to tip #2 🙂

Skincare Routine

I had never really had a set skincare routine because I could never find products that worked well for me and I was also really lazy when it came to taking my makeup off properly…. I know, soooo bad! However, NOW that I have a set morning and night skincare routine using the same products every time, I have found a massive difference in my skin. Although I still have some acne scarring and the odd pimple here and there, my skin looks much healthier. If you would like to read about my skincare routine and the products that I use, I have posted about it! Here is the link to the post: https://bellafloresa.wordpress.com/2015/11/04/product-review-results-skin-skin-care-routine/

Exercise Makeup Free

Now, we all know that working out is really good for our bodies and makes us look great. As well as this, exercising helps us sweat all the toxins out of our bodies helping with being clean on the inside as well as on the outside. Sweating opens up our pores and unblocks them from all the dry skin and dirt, purifying our skin from all the bacteria and making it look really clean and fresh. Also, I highly recommend working out with no makeup! I used to always workout with makeup on because I used to feel very uncomfortable going to the gym with a bare face, but honestly no one is paying attention to you, they are all focusing on achieving their own body goals. Duh Talia, the world doesn’t revolve around you… geez… Anywho, Since I have been working out without makeup I have honestly have seen a big change in how my skin reacts to all the sweat and crazy blood flow. When I was working out with makeup, after the workout I could literally see all the makeup that was mixed with sweat chilling out in pores and my face wasn’t looking too crash hot. So please take my advice and workout makeup free! I promise that your skin will love you for it.

Eating Clean

Have you ever heard of people saying that your skin is a reflection of what is on the inside? Well it is very true! For a while now I have been trying to eat as healthy as possible. When I say this it doesn’t mean that I refrain myself from having that amazing chocolate covered donut with sprinkles that I saw in the window of my local Coffee Club, it means that I eat healthy foods such as vegetable, fruits, chicken and red meat the majority of the week and then I allow myself to have a cheat day and a cheeky snack every now and then 🙂 Have you ever noticed that after a night out of drinking alcoholic beverages or a day of eating unhealthy greasy food you wake up with a greasy face with a few new spots? Well, every time that I go out for drinks or eat KFC, I wake up with new pimples and my face is an oil machine (as well as my skin I don’t feel too hot to trot either to be honest). Since I have changed to a healthier diet I have noticed that my skin has not been as oily and wake up with a nice fresh glow. It’s great! 🙂

Don’t Stress!

I know, I know. It is easier said than done. However our skin does not react too well to stress. I find that every time I am stressed out, especially when I was going through exams when I was studying, I would break out like crazy! Every day there would be a new pimple. I noticed that the majority of the pimples were situated around my forehead (a nice place for “stress pimples” to attack they say). Also, when I’m stressed I always have a slight frown on my face that I don’t notice I have until I can start to see fine lines on my forehead and then I get scared that I am getting wrinkles at a young age! My skin feels quite amazing when I am stress free and happy 🙂 I love yoga to de-stress, because as well as making me feel relaxed and like a spaghetti after a session, my skin feels relaxed also because 1) I’m not frowning anymore and 2) I have sweated out all the toxins and bacteria so I feel nice and fresh with a beautiful natural highlight.

To sum things up, almost every thing that you do and every thing that you think about in your day to day life affects your skin. So be nice to your skin because having healthy skin will make you feel beautiful and happy.

Thank you so much for reading! I will be posting on bellafloresa every Sunday from now on! Hope you all had a lovely weekend and until next time!

“What is your skin trying to tell you? Often the skin is a metaphor for deeper issues and a way for your body to send up a red flag to warn you that all is not well underneath. When our skin is unhealthy it is usually a reflection of the internal state of our bodies, and is often a sign of poor elimination of toxins and waste products.”
– Judyth Reichenberg-Ullman N.D.

Talia xo


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