Glamour Affair Haul | Pt 1


I finally have a new video on my channel guys! You should definitely go and check it out and give it a sneaky like 😉

As some of you may know, I attended a youtuber/blogger event called ‘Glamour Affair’ in Sydney on the weekend. I had such a fantastic time meeting new people and speaking about all things beauty! All the youtubers and bloggers that I met were beautiful and I honestly cannot wait for the next event.  At the event we received AMAZING goodie bags which consisted of soooo many things and this made me super happy, excited and extremely grateful to the two lovely ladies that organised Glamour Affair and all the companies that sponsored the event! THANK YOU xx

When I laid my eyes on these bags, I instantly wanted to film a haul of everything I received… so I did! Here is part 1 of the haul:

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Please like and share the video and note that at 1K subscribers there will be a giveaway on my channel! ❤

Talia xo


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