HAUL | Betts Shoes, Dollhouse, Myer, Lovisa & more!

Hi there!

In the past couple of weeks I have purchased a few items that I am absolutely loving, and I really wanted to share my purchases with you all. There have been a fair amount of sales in almost every store that I have entered due to the end of the financial year. I love this time of year! 😛 Without further adieu, let’s get into the haul!

Firstly, I very much needed boots for the Winter season – a pair that was more for everyday casual wear and another pair that I could use to dress up an outfit a little. I ended up choosing two pairs of ankle boots from Betts Shoes. I absolutely love this shoe store! I own a fair few pairs of shoes from Betts because I find their shoes to be of great quality, they always have such a wide range of different styles and they also usually have great sales! I definitely recommend trying out some of their shoes. Here are a coupe of pictures of the boots I purchased:

The next items I purchased were purely for retail therapy purposes 😛

My sister and I really enjoy going into the store Dollhouse, however I rarely end up buying anything pieces from there because they are quite expensive. While we were looking around I noticed a $30 sale rack toward the front of the store, so of course, as the bargain hunter I am, I had to check out the sales! They had some gorgeous woollen jackets so we definitely purchased one each! My sister and I always share our things, so for the purpose of this post I will provide a picture of both the jackets right here:

Myer ALWAYS has fantastic sales so I usually go into the store just to have a sticky beak at the many items that are on sale, I just find doing this therapeutic, and I know that I am not the only one! I really like walking around the Miss Shop section of the store because this brand tends to stock the styles of clothing that I really like. I found this basic grey T with the saying “Mon Amour” on the front of it. It was on sale so I decided to get it even though it is Winter here in Australia. But I decided to get it because I will be travelling to Spain in a couple of months and I just thought it would be comfortable to walk around in, in the European heat 🙂 I really like having these basic T’s handy as I feel like you can wear them in a very casual way or you could dress them up by pairing them with jeans, heels and other items. Here is the one I bought:

On to jewellery! I haven’t been into Lovisa in a very long time. I used to be in love with this store but lately I have been extremely into Colette because I really love their styles. However, the other day I walked past Lovisa and noticed they had a fantastic sale going on so I decided to step in and check out what items they had available. Honestly they had so many things starting from $3!!! I bought multiple pairs of earrings from there, no other pieces. Here are the earrings I bought:

earringsFinally, onto a foundation that I purchased from my local pharmacy. I haven’t noticed any Designer Brands in stores around the my area before, but they finally brought the brand into this pharmacy. I am excited about this because I have almost used up their Extend-A-Brow product that I had received in my Lust Have It box and I wasn’t sure where I was going to be able to purchase it from when I finished it, but now I have no worries!! Anyway, I purchased their Longwear 24 hr Full Coverage Foundation. I will be filming a first impression in a few weeks for it 🙂

Well that is all folks! My haul is complete 😀 I hope you are all having a fabulous long weekend and I look forward to posting my next post x
Comment below what some of your favourite stores!!

Talia xo


3 thoughts on “HAUL | Betts Shoes, Dollhouse, Myer, Lovisa & more!

      • oh cool, I will keep my eye’s peeled for when you put it up. Yeah I’m also a golden girl myself. probably because I’m allergic to silver. But I also just like gold it’s like sunshine.

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