New Rimmel ‘Oh My Gloss’ Lipgloss | Product Review

Hi there!

I would like to start this post off by thanking Coty Australia for sending me these new Rimmel ‘Oh My Gloss’ lip-glosses to review 🙂

Rimmel Ohh La La

On to my thoughts!

The first thing that popped into my head when I opened the package and saw these lip-glosses for the first time was “the packaging is so cute! Simple but cute!” I was extremely excited to have received these because I am a lipgloss fanatic (ask Luke, he hates it!). Call me strange, but there is something I find extremely relaxing about applying a lip gloss to my lips… Moving on.

On a daily basis I tend to use either a lip liner with a lip gloss over the top or just a lip gloss on my moisturised lips. I find these new glosses absolutely fantastic for this purpose! They are extremely light-weight and hydrating; they are not thick and sticky compared to some other lip glosses I have used, making them feel comfortable – perfect for a chilled out day. One great plus about this product is that they contain Argan oil and vitamin E, which helps in giving the lips that bit more hydration through the gloss.

I have been trying out two really pretty colours out of the 8 shades which are called ‘Purr… Glossy Cat’ and ‘Ohh La La’. Both these colours are gorgeous; one being a more neutral tone and the other one being a little stronger in colour. Here are swatches of the two:

Rimmel Oh My Gloss

The application of these glosses has been made easy with a long soft lip applicator. The product claims to last up to 6 hours, which may be true, however I am forever eating and drinking water that I tend to have to reapply various times throughout the day haha. In saying this, when I do have something to eat/drink, I can still feel a lasting moisturising effect on my lips from the gloss which is great! Additionally, the product does have a mild scent to it – to me it mimics the scent of a lotion/hair oil, making the product smell nice and fresh. I actually quite like the scent as it is not overpowering.

Overall, I absolutely love this new range of Rimmel lip glosses and I highly recommend giving this product a go! Personally, I would definitely purchase some more from the collection, especially my current favourite being ‘Purr… Glossy Cat’ so that I can have a back-up for when I run out 😉 They are also inexpensive as I have seen them stocked in my local Priceline for around $11-$12 if I remember correctly.

I give this product: 9.5/10!!

 Talia xo


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