L’ORÉAL Paris Luminosity Code BB Cream | Product Review

I really do prefer wearing BB creams instead of liquid foundations if I am not doing anything special throughout the day, such as running errands or just chilling out. I feel more comfortable as BB creams are pretty light-weight. I see the name ‘BB Cream’ as just a fancier way of saying ‘tinted moisturiser’, as I believe that they are the same thing. The only difference being, in my opinion, is that BB creams help in giving your skin more of a radiant glow.

Today I am going to talk about the *new* L’Oréal Paris Luminosity Code BB Cream. I purchased this product from my local Priceline store (a.k.a my 2nd home 😛 ), in the skin care isle on sale for $12.95 I believe. However, I cannot remember how much the original price is, I want to say somewhere around $20.. but don’t quote me on that. I have been wearing this a lot lately as I have been trying to give my skin a bit of a break from heavy foundations.

First, let’s start with what this product promises, shall we. The packaging states that “This BB Cream combines the benefits of a unifying moisturiser with the benefits of an illuminating foundation”. It promises to keep your skin moisturised for up to 24 hours; regulate skin’s pigmentation; contains mineral pigments that blend on your skin to cover imperfections for a natural look, and your skin is guaranteed to glow 🙂 Also, this BB cream contains sunscreen which is always a plus! In addition to this, this product is meant to conceal imperfections and fade dark spots, leaving your skin with an even and luminous finish. One of its big claims, for me anyway, is that in 2 weeks you should start noticing that the imperfections on your skin are “visibly reduced” leaving your face with an even skin tone. In my opinion, this BB Cream is very similar to the Garnier BB Cream, however I do prefer the L’Oréal one, and I will explain why below.

This product does have a slight sunscreen scent to it, however it is not overwhelming. I apply this BB Cream with my fingers, as I find that the warmth from my fingertips assists in melting the product onto my skin, making my skin look fresh and natural with no streaks. At times, depending on how I’m feeling on the day, I do apply a primer to my face to help the cream adhere to my face, especially if it is hot out, because I do find that when I wear this on a hot day, it melts off my face easily. So by applying a primer (I have been using the INIKA True Organic Pure Primer), it helps the cream remain on my face for a longer period of time. When you use this product, ensure that you allow it to set on your face, because when I first used this I was a bit worried as I found that the cream had a reddish undertone and I thought to myself “I want this to even out my skin tone and reduce the redness on my face, not make it more red!” But I promise that when it sets on your skin it looks really nice 🙂

Because I have combination skin, with the most oily part of my face being my T-zone, I do apply a thin layer of translucent powder to help control the oils. You may be sitting there thinking that by applying powder on my face it is defeating the purpose of the Luminosity Code BB Cream, but I feel that because I am only applying a thin layer of this powder, my skin still looks fresh and luminous; this just helps in controlling the oils in my T-zone 🙂 If I am wanting more coverage on a certain day, I will use my all time favourite Maybelline Fit Me Concealer, to cover up my blemishes.

CLICK HERE to be taken to my most recent video on my channel and see how I apply this BB Cream 😀

Back To School Makeup Look

One of the negatives about this product is that it does not stay on for 24 hours. In my eyes, depending on what you are doing on the day that you wear this BB cream and the condition of your skin that day, the duration of its lasting power differs every time.

Keeping with the positives, this cream is extremely light-weight that almost every time I wear it I forget that I actually have it on. When you apply it to your face it feels so fresh and hydrating on the skin and you can instantly notice its illuminating effect and how it evens out the skin tone. Along with my new skin care products (post on skin care coming soon!), I have noticed a difference in my skin, which I am very happy about 🙂 I have noticed that my dark spots have been fading and are hardly noticeable, which was a big issue of mine!

Overall, I LOVE this BB Cream! It looks so nice on the skin, and leaves my skin with a fresh glow!

I give this product: 8.5/10!!

Talia xo


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