Killer Queen by Katy Perry | Perfume Review

One of Katy Perry’s most recent perfume, which goes by the name ‘Killer Queen’, has got to be one of my favourite perfumes! I received this as a gift for my birthday and I instantly fell in love with the packaging.The bottle in which this delicious liquid goodness is contained is shaped as a red ombré jewel with gold detailing. Along with its ever so powerful, yet sophisticated packaging, the scent of this perfume is absolutely amazing. It is sweet but at the same time this scent carries with it some kind of elegance.

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It is extremely difficult to fault anything about this perfume, however, the only thing I do believe that could be slightly improved is how long the scent of the perfume stays on your skin. Don’t get me wrong, the perfume remains for quite a while, but the scent does begin to change in terms of it’s original sweetness, becoming more of a dry scented perfume. In saying this, the elegance and sophistication does remain quite nicely. Like I said, pretty difficult to find any negatives!!

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In my opinion, ‘Killer Queen’ is suitable for women of all ages! So please ladies, if you can get your hands on this perfume you must try it for yourself; you will not be disappointed in the slightest 🙂

Here are some places where you can purchase this beauty online (and it’s on SALE NOW):

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