My 21st Birthday

On the 27th of October I celebrated my 21st birthday with a bunch of my close friends and my beautiful family. I had such a fantastic time, however it was a bummer that I had woken up with a really bad cold in the morning, ending my wonderful night with a fever! Not cool immune system!

Anywhooo, on to my outfit!

I absolutely loved the outfit that I chose to wear for my fiesta. I wore a two piece consisting of a fitted marbled print asymmetric skirt and a black short-sleeved crop top . These pieces were both purchased in Ally and they were really affordable. The shoes that I wore were actually featured in my Winter Haul video which I will link right here if you would like to check it out <; 🙂 I bought these black healed boots in Betts. I absolutely love them and they are extremely comfortable.

As for the jewellery, all pieces (except my engagement ring 😉 ) were birthday presents from my gorgeous sister 🙂 She bought them from Colette which is one of my favourite stores to buy some pretty pieces and they ALWAYS have massive sales!

I am wearing a 21st sash, but here are some photos of me at my party wearing the outfit that I adore!

2164251_381437832032553_1328156365124052103_n21st– Talia xo


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