R U Okay?

Today is a special kind of day… it is R U Okay Day!

Many people suffer from mental illnesses causing them to keep their emotional state to themselves while allowing others to believe that they are OK. They either find it difficult to express their feelings or they may feel that people do not really care about how they are feeling. Sadly, the person feeling these kinds of emotions may turn to ending their own lives. This is not the way a person should be feeling!

We can change this as a community!

There are three little words that make all the difference “Are you Okay?” These words can start a meaningful conversation about a person’s feelings and most importantly can change a life. We should all make it part of our daily routine to ask someone how they are doing. If their response is negative, reassure them that they are not alone, that you are a good listener and ask them if there is anyway that you could be of some help to them.

Let’s change someone’s life!
Are you in?


Talia xo


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