Sad News…

Have you ever received sad news about something that you have wanted and wished for your entire life, and there is a possibility that it may not be able to happen? 
Well I received that kind of news a few days ago. Even though I know that it is only a possibility, I cannot help but think the worst. 
Having a baby is something that I have dreamt of for as long as I can remember. The thought of having a family of my own makes me extremely happy. For my fiance and I it would be a dream come true if we have our own family in the future.

About a week ago I was experiencing some abnormal pain in my abdomen, so I went to see my doctor. The doctor said that I had to have a couple of ultrasounds done, so I did. A couple of days later, I went in for my results. The doctor couldn’t see anything that could be causing the pain. However, they did find an abnormality in my uterus. I have, what they call, a Septate Uterus. A Septate Uterus is when the Uterus is divided by a muscular or fibrous wall. I have been diagnosed with a partial septate, meaning that the septate extends only part way into the uterus, which are more common than complete septates. A septate uterus may make it more difficult for a couple to conceive, and the women is more likely to experience complications in pregnancy and she is at a higher risk of miscarriage. 

Hearing this from my doctor was devastating for me because I dream about having a child of my own all the time. As I said earlier, I know that these are just possibilities and risks that doctors have to tell you, and these things may not happen to me, but it is still sad to hear that my uterus is not normal and that I am at a higher risk of these things happening. I would like to know if anyone else has been diagnosed with an abnormal uterus and/or has experienced any of these complications. Do you ladies out there have any advice for me to remain positive and refrain from thinking the worst?

As for now, even with these sad thoughts in my head, I will try to keep on smiling!



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